Established in 2012
Wellfit Massage was established in early July, 2012 at 1138 E Broadway, Glendale, CA, which is approximately half a mile away from freeways CA 2 and CA 134. Our mission is to provide customers in Glendale and its vicinities with premium massage services in a neat, nearby, and enjoyable environment.
This business concept is a brainchild of a couple of well experienced massage professionals who believe that a massage business operated and managed by hands-on professionals has the edge of offering more related services and comprehensive massage modalities in an efficient way and thus better serves the market.


We specialize in foot massage, foot-back combo, Swedish/Body massage, Deep Tissue massage, cupping and meridian compressions, etc.
In foot massage, we start with 15-minute massage on your skull, face, neck, arms through fingers when your feet are soaked in warm herbal water. Then 30 minutes will be focused on your dear feet where we’ll be attentive to corresponding spots that you may care about. Final 15 minutes complement the session with massage on your dorsal body.
A combo package will be right for you when you suffer from sore or stiff shoulders, back, waist or swollen lower legs. There half of the session will be on those spots with an alternative pressure point and meridian approach that alleviates pain and discomfort.
Another specialty we have is Swedish or body massage. Swedish strokes squeeze out your cumulated tension and fatigue, stimulate your endorphins and improve sleep quality; and clothed body massage delivers more strength and compressions in a deep tissue flavor.

Meet the Manager: Peter C.

The manager of this massage store is Peter, who is a certified massage therapist designated by the California Massage Therapy Council. Peter has been in massage profession for around eight years. He was formally trained in massage schools, had worked in several massage establishments, and passed the National Certification Exam administered by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Peter is specialized in Foot Reflexology, Deep Tissue, and Swedish massages.